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20  x 40  Steel Rectangle Inground Swimming Pool Kit - 6  Radius Corners

20' x 40' Steel Rectangle Inground Swimming Pool Kit - 6" Radius Corners


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Our Sku: 34-NB5008

Product Details:

Our do-it-yourself in-ground pool kits will provide fun in the sun for you and your family, a recreational experience that will last a lifetime. Each pool kit in the premium collection is constructed of high grade corrosion-resistant galvanized steel and reinforced with a combination of adjustable frame bracing and rebar assembly. Each feature of the swimming pool is designed to provide a safe and fun way to enjoy the warm weather. Our steel kits boast a LIFETIME WARRANTY and come complete with all the pool accessories needed to create your own backyard oasis.

SUPER STRONG CONSTRUCTION in the kit means your pool will withstand the elements and stand the test of time. The 14-gauge steel used to fabricate the components is the same material utilized in the construction of skyscrapers and commercial building supplies. These specialized cold-rolled wall panels are also outfitted with a dual-rib design to preserve the strength of the assembly.

CORROSION RESISTANT pool components are vital in combating the effects of ground moisture and oxidation. The walls and braces are individually dipped in a special corrosion-resistant chemical compound to form a barrier that helps prevent red rust, pitting and crevice corrosion. Pools that lack corrosion-resistant coatings run the risk of significantly reducing their integrity over time and potentially causing major damage to the pool.

LIFETIME WARRANTY is standard with each kit. It provides security and peace of mind when deciding to make your in-ground pool purchase.

Product Features:

14 Gauge Steel Panels & Adjusable Wall Bracing Kit

SUPER STRONG CONSTRUCTION in the 14ga Steel kit means your pool will withstand the elements and stand the test of time.

In-ground Pool Steps

The molded non-slip tread allows for sure footing that assures easy entry and exit. Our stairs are 8' wide with 4 steps and built-in seats on either side of bottom step.

Maintenance Kit

Our inground pool kits include a maintenance kit with a pole, leaf skimmer, vac hose, vacuum head and wall brush.

Skimmers, Main Drains, Return & Plumbing

We offer the highest quality skimmers, main drains and return fittings for your new pool. We include one widemouth skimmer and two return fittings.

Bullnosed Aluminum Coping

Our pools include an attractive white bullnosed coping forms the top lip of the pool and acts as perimeter for your pool deck. This high quality aluminum coping will withstand weather worst and also provides a strong track for your vinyl liner.

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