• Model # 07612
  • Sku # 16-AG601
Yellow Out Pool Algaecide - 2lbs
Coral Seas

Yellow Out Pool Algaecide - 2lbs

  • Perfect for extremely green pools
  • Typical results occur in 24 hours
  • Add 2lbs per 15,000 gallons of pool water
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Yellow Out is the perfect algae solution for a extremely green pool.
Yellow Out works great for all pools, including those with salt chlorine generators and plaster finishes. Both of these circumstances can create a higher pH in pool water (especially newer plaster), which happens to be the ideal condition in which Coral Seas products work. The recommended pH level is 7.8 or higher for ideal performance. This is opposite of traditional algae treatment methods which require a lower pH for chlorine to be more efficient. Yellow Out is not affected by higher levels of cyanuric acid.


Chemical Type Algaecide

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