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  • Sku # 14-PG608
Primo Natural Lump Charcoal 20# Bag
Primo Grills

Primo Natural Lump Charcoal 20# Bag

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Primo’s 20 lb bag of 100% All-Natural Lump Charcoal is the premium choice fuel for grills and smokers. This special blend of charcoal is free of tars and other harmful chemicals. It weighs less; lights faster; and burns hotter and longer than standard briquettes. When used in a Primo; a single load can be reused several times and when cooking low and slow; it can burn for up to 36 hours. With average use; a 20 lb bag can last up to 35 cooks. Cook with Primo natural lump charcoal alone or in combination with your favorite seasoned wood for a great smoky flavor.

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